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If you’re not able to get all the information you need from here or MyPension, you can contact Willis Towers Watson, the Plan’s administrator.

Need a reminder of how to access MyPension?


J.P. Morgan UK Pension Plan, 
Willis Towers Watson,
PO Box 545, Redhill,
Surrey, RH1 1YX


Dedicated Helpline:
01737 227589
(Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)


01737 241496

When you contact the Plan’s administrator, you will be asked a number of security questions to validate your identity. One of these checks will be to confirm your National Insurance number, so please try to have this at hand when you call. 


Useful websites

J.P. Morgan does not recommend or endorse any of the sites below and has no control over their content:

The Money and Pensions Service

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The Money and Pensions Service was launched in January 2019. It combines the services of Pension Wise, Money Advice Service and The Pension Advisory Service into one
new body.

The activities of all three guidance providers will be transferred over the course of 2019, with no interruption of services for consumers.

The Pension Tracing Service



Do you need help finding benefits from a previous pension scheme or have you lost track of a previous employer's scheme? Use the Pension Tracing Service to help you keep on top of what you've got.