Are you an IFA?

If so, there is lots of information readily available. Many of the calls we receive from IFAs are for information that you can find right here, so please make sure you’ve visited My Library before contacting the Plan’s adminstrator. There you’ll find all the Plan's member guides and FAQs about the transfer out process.

Top 5 things to know:

1. The Plan’s administrator can’t provide statements to IFAs, please speak to the member for this information.

2. Members receive a Retirement Pack 6 months before retiring (or on request) – you can find an overview of the Plan’s retirement processes and options in 'Nearing Retirement?'. 

3. How often and where a member can make contribution choices changes depends on the type of contribution to be changed – see MyHandbook  for an overview.   

4. The Plan will allow transfers in from other pension schemes if certain criteria are met, but there is no legal requirement to do so. Members can only start a transfer in process when they are an active member of the Plan.

5. Members can change their investment choices on MyPension.

Save some time - make sure you’ve had a look around this site before contacting the Plan’s administrator